Delivering training for members on the policy process and engagement with influencers and decision makers

Trade bodies and member associations are a crucial part of the policy making process and their role can be strengthened by individual members who understand issues and can add supporting voices for change. Members can identify problems that affect their own lives and act as bottlenecks preventing more beneficial reforms, can also see how these issues could be addressed, and can propose solutions. Larger numbers of voices also broaden and deepen the scope of engagement campaigns helping to through important reforms.


This approach, known as Problem Driven policy making, is being recognised by policy makers as an important tool for developing better laws and regulations. The approach calls for engagement with those who are impacted by laws and regulation to understand and engage with the process. Keystone Consulting’s training is designed to help small companies and individuals better comprehend the policy cycle, to understand how the issues that affect them can be reformed, and to be the voice with lawmakers and influencers that can describe the changes they want to see.


 Keystone Consulting’s training courses are tailored around each client. They are worked out in association with you and based on a training needs assessment, usually a survey of members to gauge interest and existing level of understanding, and include course materials, breakout activities and keynote speakers. Keystone Consulting can organise the entire event or we can work with you to incorporate your existing political engagement material.


 The delivery of training is done by Keystone Consulting staff who are experienced public affairs professionals, government experts and trainers. We will also bring in political decision makers (local and national) as well as can organise venues around the country or make use of your existing facilities.

A typical half-day event might consist of:

  • How the policy process works for your sector.
  • Description of how parliament works, how a bill becomes law and what influence different people have.
  • Keynote speech from a local MP or councillor reinforcing the messages about process
  • Breakout workshops looking at who, what, how and when questions followed by feedback sessions
  • Coffee, lunch and networking opportunities

Case Study

Keystone Consulting has provided a number of training days for a member organisation within the rail sector.  This has meant that organisations from around the country now understand how the different political institutions work and ensure that a sector wide strategy has been developed for presentation to political decision makers to ensure that any changes in policy and legislation will benefit the industry.

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