Fiona launches 'Off The Cuth' - her great new interview podcast


Fiona Cuthbertson, Director of Keystone Consulting has launched “Off The Cuth”, a podcast focused on interviewing interesting people about what makes them tick.


Commenting on why the podcast was launched, Fiona said: “The purpose of Keystone Consulting has always been to help people understand and get involved in the pollical process.  Interviewing people at the heart of politics means that everyone can understand more about those involved in politics and gain better understanding of how the political process works”.


The first three interviews are with Michael Winstanley, who as a member of the Conservative Party Board is responsible for the relationship between the Party and its members, Baroness Ritchie, who was the first and only female leader of the SDLP, and Jacob-Rees-Mogg MP, a former Cabinet Minister.


To access the podcast via Amazon or Spotify, the links are below:

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