Making Autism Modules A Mandatory Part of Teacher Training


FullSpektrum have been working with North Norfolk MP, Duncan Baker on his Ten Minute Rule Bill to launch a major new Parliamentary Bill  to make autism modules a mandatory part of initial teacher training.


The ‘Autism (Early Identification) Bill’ which is going to be presented to Parliament on the 30th January 2023 will seek to ensure that teachers have the tools to assess and identify signs of the condition in children earlier. 


As it stands, 39% of primary school teachers have just more than half a day’s training in autism. For secondary school, this drops to just 14%. It is therefore no surprise that 73% of autistic young people said their teachers do not understand their needs and less than half are happy in school.


This Bill will allow schools to ensure there are structures in place to access education effectively and that autistic children do not lose valuable time that would allow them to grow and develop. 


Duncan Baker MP, Member of Parliament for North Norfolk said: “By increasing awareness and understanding among teachers on the indicators of autism, they will be in a better position to support pupils and recommend them for an assessment earlier, meaning children will be in a better place to thrive not only in schools but in later life. Since I became an MP, my office has helped countless families get the support they need. I have listened, this is a cause that means so much to people right across North Norfolk, and one that I’m proud to be championing for my constituents in Parliament.”


Andre Skepple, Founder of FullSpektrum said: "This bill is a landmark breakthrough for autistic children in the UK who've struggled to get the right education provision. It's a rallying call for change, offering crucial support. Early identification and intervention is the linchpin for their transformation, and I'm passionately backing this bill for the betterment of these children."


Fiona Cuthbertson, Managing Director of Keystone Consulting said: “This Bill provides an amazing opportunity for autistic children that have struggled to get the education they deserve in the past. Early identification is the first step in the path to change for these children and this Bill will ensure this happens.”


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