Political Monitoring

Keystone Consulting offers a different approach to political monitoring from most other providers. Some political monitoring services are very good, but they are almost all designed for the needs of Public Affairs professions who need to know every bit of information and whose lives revolve around the minutiae of Westminster with its parliamentary details, personalities and gossip. Our clients need to know the important developments such as shifts in policy which might affect their businesses or the publication of consultations where their voice can make a difference. 


 Our monitoring is bespoke, and we work to a plan agreed with each client. Most of the time we alert clients only when important developments occur so that they can focus on their other work, though we can provide periodic reporting if required. Where clients do require detailed coverage, we can work with political monitoring providers to streamline their services and help to translate it into policy.

Traditional Political Monitoring

Keystone Consulting Political Monitoring

For public affairs professionals, campaigners and journalists

For senior members of staff with an interest in political developments

Based on high speed and fast turn around for up-to-the-minute information

Considered strategic developments and important opportunities

Comprehensive, highly detailed coverage of political minutiae

Policy focused examining broader impact of developments

Detailed coverage of Hansard, press releases, think tanks, TV, radio, newspapers, blogs and social media

Reports important sources for each client filtering out the Westminster noise

Personalities, political party developments, speculation and gossip

None of these

Case Study

Our client, a niche trade federation, has a small staff and a broad remit. As it is their job to know what is happening in their industry, they keep abreast of the news in their sector, but they rely on Keystone Consulting for political monitoring. We monitor parliament, government departments and quangos for important developments. When we spot anything that’s relevant we inform them and discuss how they wish to proceed. For example, a consultation from the Home Office that was important to their members but received little coverage, could have passed them by.  However, it was spotted by us and, after consulting with them, we helped to prepare a  consultation response on their behalf that will help drive change.

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