Retail Priorities for the New Government

After years of parliamentary chaos, the majority that has been secured should mean that the Government can now develop a clear strategy to help us address the challenges facing independent businesses.


Key areas we will need to see them address will be levelling the playing field for bricks and mortar businesses, business rates, counterfeit goods, the skills shortage and the blight of retail crime.


In the manifesto they pledged to:

-    Cut the burden of tax on business including reducing business rates;
-    Supporting high streets;
-    Provide 20,000 more police officers;
-    Providing £600m for a skills fund;
-    Providing a new Safer Streets Fund and 
-    Provide a “Towns Fund” to help communities make sure towns are safe.


Our clients’ will be looking to ensure that the Government stays true to these pledges as dealing with the burdens on business are vital not only for our high streets but a vibrant economy as small businesses make up 99% of the businesses in the UK and their health is important to maintain jobs, employment and the growth of UK plc.

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