Raising profile and issues through events with a political theme

Events are an important component of any campaign to influence government policy at all points throughout the policy cycle, as well as a useful way to raise your organisation’s profile and provide an important service to your members.


 Keystone Consulting can help to organise a range of different events focused on London, regional or local government, or locally with members of your organisation. These events can be used flexibly to support your engagement with the policy cycle, to provide training for staff and members, and to discuss and debate new ideas. Amongst the types of events Keystone Consulting organises for clients are:


  • Roundtables - smaller, discussion focused events usually with one or two experts or political figures typically focused on persuading decision makers to a point of view or developing strategies. 
  • Distinguished speakers - a lunch, dinner or event typically aimed at staff or member training, for example introducing basic concepts around the policy and legislative process, capacity building for individuals to engage with decision makers or dissemination of information about new policy initiatives.
  • Receptions - events designed to raise our clients’ profile with key decision makers and encourage networking. For example, an event in parliament introducing clients’ members and their work to a larger number of MPs and ministers.
  • Annual conference - help to organise smaller components of large meetings such as conferences, for example, helping with speakers, organising events and discussions when members will be present.
  • Unique events such as product launches - working with your teams, we can organise events where a political focus might help to add to the overall impression such as organising a launch event at a prestigious location in London.

Case Study

Keystone Consulting has worked alongside an aviation trade association for many years to provide them with a number of roundtables that have helped facilitate communications between sector specialists and political decision makers.  This has enabled both sides to develop strategic thinking that both helps the sector and meshes with Government policy

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