Providing Support throughout the policy cycle to make your voice heard

Policy making is a long and complex process that can be difficult to understand and has often profound implications for how people and businesses operate. Our clients are interested in how to engage with the policy making process, either because they have a particular interest or because they represent those who do. Therefore, influencing the development and implementation of government policy is very important, and Keystone Consulting can support our clients every stop of the way.

Keystone provides an in-depth understanding of the process by which policy is developed and implemented, as well as experience in presenting our clients’ cases to the right people at the right time. This comes from our collective experience of Westminster, local government and national and international policy work. We provide our clients with a full suite of services throughout the life of the policy cycle. 

  • Ensuring we fully understand the interests of our client and putting together a plan that will look to provide real results through effective campaigns.
  • Supporting communications through writing press releases, articles, talking points and other campaigning materials for distribution to political decision makers, press and important advocates. 
  • Writing questions for parliamentarians for debates in the chamber, Westminster Hall and at committee stages to raise awareness and focus the debate along the desired lines.
  • Facilitate meetings with policy makers, parliamentarians and influencers both arranging meetings and helping our clients to prepare for them.
  • Help clients to produce formal submissions for consultations and Parliamentary questions which argue their case in a way most likely to find a receptive audience.

Case Study

Keystone Consulting is supporting a trade association that represents small businesses to highlight the current issues around unfair competition against larger firms. We have been instrumental in formulating a policy solution that could be acceptable to government and developed a strategy for engaging with senior policy specialists and political decision makers.  This will enable Keystone Consulting’s client to put their perspective across effectively and succinctly when necessary to influence the political process.


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