The Second Queen's Speech of 2019

Jeremy Corbyn exchanged not one single word with Boris Johnson apart from the word “careful” when there was almost a crash between MPs.


The big picture:


  • Deliver departure from the EU and put together legislation that will ensure exit on 31st Jan 2020;

  • Lead trade negotiations with other economies;

  • Set up a new Commission that examines the broader aspects of the constitution; and

  • Remove Fixed Term Parliament Act




  • “Bring forward changes to business rates”. Widley confirmed initially as cuts in business rates of 50% for retailers;
  • New measures will see smaller businesses pay less in tax for example, raise the national insurance threshold; and
  • Increase tax credits for R&D.

Burdens on Business:

  • Increase national living wage; and
  • Remove barriers to flexible working and promote equal pay.


  • Legislation to support victims of crime and their families;
  • Ensure that anyone that is found in possession of a knife is dealt with by swift justice;
  • Create a fair justice system;
  • Establish a Royal Commission to review the criminal justice process; and
  • New sentencing laws including terrorists will have to service longer sentences.

Devolved Parliaments and Constitutional Reform:

  • Re-establish devolved government in NI; and
  • Ensure there is a minimum level of service during transport strikes.

NHS and Social Care:

  • Ensure that the NHS multiyear funding settlement will be enshrined in law;
  • Create a points system for immigration for those that will work in the NHS and to fast-track key workers;
  • Remove hospital parking charges for “those most in need”;
  • Strengthen support on mental health; and
  • Reform for social care so that no-one will need to sell their home if they need care.


  • Increase funding per pupil in education; and 
  • National skills fund.


  • Environmental bill to enshrine environmental principles;
  • Legally binding "improvement targets" to reduce plastics, cut air pollution, restore biodiversity and improve water quality.


  • Create a points system for immigration;

Armed Forces/Defence and Development:

  • Promise 2% for defence spending;
  • Target foreign spies in the UK;
  • Look to halt “vexatious” claims against the armed forces; and
  • Review that will look to cover all areas from defence to development.


  • Increase internet safety.


  • Lifetime deposit scheme for renters;
  • End no fault evictions;
  • Make homes available at a discount for local first-time buyers.
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