Rail Operations Group Welcomes the Move towards an Independent Body to Run the Railways

Karl Watts, CEO of Rail Operations Group welcomes the move towards an independent body to run the railways.  Commenting on the indication made by Keith Williams, Chair of the Rail Review he said: “A key part of our submission to the rail review was that such a body should be introduced.  The role of this body would be to remove politics from the transport industry, align government and private-sector goals for the industry’s development, as well as establish the relative roles of the government and the private sector in the transport sector”.  He continued  "This would allow for a truly integrated rail strategy that would make best use of our rail network for all its users - passengers and businesses.  It would deliver a level playing field for all those wanting to use the rail infrastructure, improve network performance and ensure the rail industry played an even greater role in improving the UK economy.”

Notes for journalists.

Please email fiona@keystone-consulting.co.uk for a copy of our full submission to the rail review.


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