Labour Commitment to Scrap the £200 Threshold for Retail Crime Welcomed

2 May 2024

Rushanara Ali, Shadow Minister for Small Business and Investment said at the Dispatch Box during Business and Trade questions today (2nd May 2024) that the Labour party are now looking to scrap this threshold.

Retailers Gain Further Protections Against Retail Crime

10 April 2024

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has stated that the new law making it a separate criminal offence to attack a shopworker will send a clear message to criminals that "enough is enough" when it comes to stealing from local businesses or abusing shop staff. 

Using Lighting to Promote Safety on Trains

23 February 2024

In response to the shocking Sarah Everard case, ‘immediate steps’ were announced by the government, including doubling the Safer Streets funding to provide the likes of better lighting and CCTV to reduce the chance that such an incident wouldn’t happen on our streets again.  However, it also needs to be remembered that millions of people also rely on public transport to get around and there are still huge issues regarding on safety on our trains – especially for women, BAME and disabled passengers – that have not yet been addressed. 

Fiona interviews Duncan Baker MP on his Autism (Early Indentification Bill) presented in Parliament today

30 January 2024

Fiona Cuthbertson, Director of Keystone Consulting has today launched her interview with Duncan Baker MP on “Off The Cuth” on making it mandatory for autism training to be given to teachers.

Making Autism Modules a Mandatory Part of Teacher Training

23 January 2024

FullSpektrum have been working with North Norfolk MP, Duncan Baker on his Ten Minute Rule Bill to launch a major new Parliamentary Bill  to make autism modules a mandatory part of initial teacher training.

Parliamentary Reception Highlighting the Impact of Retail Crime

22 November 2023

A reception in Parliament hosted by ian Paisley MP and Keystone Consulting's client bira has shown the depth of feeling there is for retailers that deal with this issue day to day.

Rishi Sunak Addresses Retail Crime at PMQs

15 November 2023

During the most recent Prime Minister's question time, Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP gave his assurance to the House of Commons and retailers alike that he expects a thorugh and zero tolerance response from the police on the issue. 

Fiona launches her new podcast!

9 November 2023

Fiona Cuthbertson, Director of Keystone Consulting has launched “Off The Cuth”, a podcast focused on interviewing interesting people about what makes them tick.

Railway Industry Association Respond to King's Speech

7 November 2023

The Government has today included a Draft Rail Reform Bill in the King’s Speech which sets out some of the key pillars of industry reform including the creation of Great British Railways. A Parliamentary committee will oversee pre-legislative scrutiny of the provisions of the Bill.

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the Railway Industry Association commments. 

Roundtable discussion on Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision in Ipswich

15 September 2023

Tom Hunt MP hosted a roundtable discussion on Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) alongside the Nisai Virtual Academy on issues of SEND provision in Suffolk on Friday 15th September. 

MPs take on the scourge of retail crime

8 September 2023

The APPG on retail crime, safe and sustainable high streets, chaired by Steve McCabe, MP for Selly Oak, came together on Wednesday of this week came to discuss with retailers and the police how they can ensure that there is a crackdown on retail crime.

Adjournment Debate on Retail Crime

21 July 2023

Ian Paisley MP led an adjournment debate in the House of Commons to highlight the serious issue of retail crime, and how it is affecting small businesses.

Duncan Baker’s Ten Minute Rule Bill Roundtable Press Release

18 July 2023

On Monday this week, several different charities and organisations came together to discuss the potential life changing implications of Duncan Baker’s “Early autism assessment and mandatory teacher training Bill’. This 10 Minute Rule Bill will look to deliver support to reduce autism assessment and diagnosis waiting times, introduce mandatory autism training for all education staff, and create a duty to publish a SEND workforce strategy.

Gloucestershire Police Commissioner to discuss retail crime

12 July 2023

Laurance Robertson, MP for Tewkesbury, is inviting local business leaders to discuss the issues of retail and shopliting crime on 7 September. Retail crime is not victimless, but impacts the entire community. This event will bring together those affected to discuss ways of countering this type of crime.

RIA Midlands & Eastern responds to East West Rail route update

26 May 2023

RIA Midlands & Eastern Chair, Sekoura Benissad, said: “We welcome the announcement which gives the UK railway suppliers greater clarity and certainty over the work pipeline, which is something RIA consistently advocates for.

Independent Retailers Association says April's Sales Monitor Results shows high street still under considerable pressure

9 May 2023

BIRA has said April's Retail Sales Monitor (RSM) report is highlighting that shops are under 'considerable pressure' on our high street.

The SEND Implementation Plan: A real plan needed behind the rhetoric?

27 April 2023

Bira has been asked to respond to a consultation from the Home Office on new knife legislation proposals to tackle the use of machetes and other bladed articles in crime.  

The SEND Implementation Plan: A real plan needed behind the rhetoric?

16 March 2023

Nisai Group Founder and CEO, Dhruv Patel, presents his thoughts on the Government's SEND Implementation Plan. 

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